Stakeboard — Extended Development Update #1

Stakeboard, a quick introduction/overview

  • Connect
  • Reward
  • Decentralize

UX Design

  1. Alice
  2. Stakeboard API and integrations
  3. Stakeboard UI

Alice, the Staking Detective

Stakeboard API and Integrations

  • Added Alice stake pool retirement notifications
  • Configure and integrate Alice with Twitter
  • User profile
  • Added management user profile and background image
  • Users can now set their website in their profile
  • Stake Pool result consistent-shuffling (in short, after searching for pool, results will be displayed in no particular order to avoid same results to appear first all the time. In order to do so a per user, consistent shuffling mechanism, has been implemented. A separate article on how we try to be as fair as possible and bias-free later)
  • Tech debt: Stake Pool events sorting and sourcing has been refactored to use block number as the pagination parameter rather than the initial, internal, db id.

Stakeboard UI

  • Delegate with Nami.
  • Labels: introduced labels in stake pool overview and stake pool profile page.
  • Integration of the consistent-shuffling seed.
  • After setting your profile you can get directed to your stake pool profile.
  • Tech debt: Refactor stake pool overview for mobile.

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