Stakeboard Development update — Week Two December the 10th

3 min readDec 10, 2021

The last couple of weeks have been extremely productive on a number of fronts.


We have finalised our three Catalyst Fund7 proposals, if you haven’t read them yet, now is the perfect time to learn everything about the Stakeboard platform and what we’re planning to build in the upcoming months.

Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th the Stakeboard team will also participate in the Catalyst Ideafest, an initiative where proposers can engage with the community and pitch their proposals and answer questions of the community. Keep an eye out for our official communication about the date and time of Ideafest!

Catalyst voting is also around the corner so don’t forget to ensure your wallet is ready for voting.

Here are the links to our proposals:

From a community building point of view, Giovanni and Sebastiaan have attended a number of events like the Hotel Cardano Podcast, Cardano Foundations “ask the operator” Twitter space hosted by Jeremy Firster, and the “Dumplin Space” on twitter.

Closed beta

November 29th was a pretty sweet date for the Stakeboard team. On that date we released our closed beta. SPOs who joined our discord server had the opportunity to join one of the two demo sessions organised to showcase features already implemented on Stakeboard. Since that day, more than 90 SPOs have joined the discord server and many of them have successfully completed their on-boarding process and verified their pool.

Most of the participants also took time to provide feedback via the on-boarding survey, which helped us identify and quickly address a few bugs. The overall survey result was very positive.

Featured Development

Despite these numerous activities, the team still found some time to progress with development tasks:

Communication Centre

Alice Telegram and Twitter messages about retiring Stakepools now include active stake at time of retirement. This is particularly helpful because it will help the community quickly come together and spread the news about pools with a large delegated amount retiring.

Stakepool Profile

Stakepool profile pages now include:

  • Epoch at which the stakepool was created (established epoch)
  • Blocks minted in current epoch
  • Live stake

Bug Fixes

The most important issues we fixed were:

  • Automatic redirection from non-authorized views
  • Fixed social icons for instagram, youtube, tiktok
  • Removed default background from profile and background image
  • Improved email validation
  • Added background to pool tickers to improve readability
  • Fixed user notifications when delegating with Nami
  • Lightmode navbar and banner now displays the correct color


Steady progress has been made to the style guide.

On top of that, the team has come up with a proof of concept of the Stakeboard social dashboard:

What’s Next?

In the upcoming weeks the team will focus on the following areas:

  • Communication Centre
  • Catalyst Fund7 activities
  • Advanced Stake Pool profiles with social media feeds